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Diseclar: Ecological design and production

Diseclar: Ecological design and production

Diseclar: Ecological design and production makes furniture, decks and pergolas from recycled plastic and agro-industrial waste, including sugar cane pulp, coffee and rice chaff, based on a method developed by the enterprise itself. Diseclar is working in co-operation with a university and a local government agency.

Diseclar sources its raw materials from recyclers, collection points and factories. In its innovative production process the collected plastic is mixed with agro-industrial waste - such as coffee chaff, sugar-cane pulp and rice chaff - to produce ecological furniture, decks and pergolas. Diseclar’s main customers are restaurants, recreational centres and retailers. 

Compared to conventional wooden furniture Diseclar offers customers long-lasting products, which can be used indoors or outdoors, withstand rain, snow, cold or heat and do not rot or splinter. 

  • Start distribution through retail chains, as well as build relations with the construction sector.
  • Raise the remaining investment of USD 500,000 needed for expansion of production and to reduce production costs.
  • Export Diseclar’s products to Central America, the European Union and the USA, where contacts with distributors exist.
  • Replicate the model in other countries. Contacts have already been established in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and Paraguay.


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