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Daily Dump (PBK Waste Solutions Private Limited)

Daily Dump (PBK Waste Solutions Private Limited)

Daily Dump is a brand, a service and a set of products and stories of new habits that enable urban households, communities, and businesses to segregate and compost their waste, and to become more conscious & responsible for resource consumption and disposal in a decentralised manner.

Daily Dump works to redefine people’s perception of and relationship with the earth, each other and our urban spaces. It is the first company in India to design a home composter, adapted for tight urban spaces and with a unique terracotta design.

In addition to designing and selling home and community composters and related products & services, Daily Dump also raises awareness about composting and reducing waste and spreads the joy of composting through workshops and sessions in schools & communities.

  • Grow the number of families composting waste in the coming fiscal year by 15%;
  • Reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills by 20%;
  • Develop a sensor-based app to measure the amount of organic waste composted with Daily Dump composters instead of ending up in landfills enable reward-based monitoring of savings;
  • Build a robust supply chain from urban composters to peri-urban farmers to help regenerate the soil around Bangalore; and
  • Expand the network of potters making composters across the country by 10%.


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