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Budongo Women Bee Enterprise

Budongo Women Bee Enterprise

Budongo Women Bee Enterprise is a co-operative beekeeping enterprise producing honey and beeswax products. In mobilising women in the Masindi region to become beekeepers, the enterprise uses the honey business as a vehicle for community development, including promotion of sustainable land-use and climate change adaptation.

BUWOBE focuses on honey production, processing and manufacture of beekeeping equipment. It trains women - who pay to be members of the enterprise in turn for receiving training and equipment - to manage hives and production. The women sell their honey and beeswax back to BUWOBE, who then markets the produce. 

Building on its women members, BUWOBE raises communities’ awareness of climate change, sustainable land use practices and energy-saving technologies. The enterprise is also focused on sustaining the overall local environment, and works with beekeepers on replanting land affected by deforestation.

  • Recruit 50 new members to the enterprise and increase the number of beehives farmed by the enterprise from 25 to at least 100.
  • In line with increasing production capacity over the coming year, purchase more protective equipment for beekeepers, as well as invest in modern processing, packaging and storage equipment for the honey and candle production.
  • Form a standing committee for monitoring of the enterprise’s sales and operations.
  • Form a disaster risk management committee made up of members of BUWOBE, in order to increase community awareness on the need for environmental protection and climate change adaptation.


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