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Botanica Natural Products

Botanica Natural Products

Botanica Natural Products has developed a method of extracting beneficial substances from Bulbine frutescens, a traditional medicinal plant, for the cosmetic industry. The plant is cultivated and processed organically in its indigenous location in rural Limpopo, and its commercial use provides employment opportunities in the marginalised area. The local community further benefits through an Access and Benefit Sharing agreement.

On ten hectares of land in rural Limpopo, Botanica Natural Products cultivates Bulbine frutescens, an aloe-like succulent plant. With an extraction technique developed by the enterprise, the gel of the plant, valuable for skin and hair care products, is derived in a local production facility meeting European pharmaceutical standards.

The EcoCert certified organic products are sold to markets primarily in West Africa. The local community benefits from the use of the plant through an Access and Benefit Sharing Agreement. The enterprise’s organic production methods help to preserve biodiversity. 

  • Expand market access in Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa. Currently Botanica Natural Products serves Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Identify a large European distributor who will introduce the product to the European market.
  • Develop future products for the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets to include African oils, essential oils, organic fertilisers and veterinary products.
  • Increase company revenues and expand the number of employees from 25 full-time positions supporting 50 families to 50 full-time employees.


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