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Belle Verte Ltée

Belle Verte Ltée

Belle Verte aims to create a national closed loop waste management system and raises awareness on the need to reuse and recycle waste through creative workshops. Within a collaborative process, diverse stakeholders collect, sort and upcycle all types of waste products.

Beach clean-up services for local guesthouses, teambuilding clean-up events for corporations, and waste pickup services for households and SMEs provide Belle Verte Ltée with a regular flow of waste products. The waste is then separated and sold to recyclers or upcycled into creative products during educational workshops. Community members are trained to become “green ambassadors”, that is, micro-entrepreneurs who collect waste that they supply to Belle Verte on a regular basis.

  • Significantly increase recyclable waste collection capacity from 14 tons to at least 25 tons by the end of 2018.
  • Set up the first Baz’Récup, a collaborative space hosting the company’s key partners, which will include a learning space for educational and R&D workshops and where all types of solid waste will be processed. Replicate in the centre and in the south of the island by the end of 2018.
  • Strengthen collaboration with local social organisations to identify, train and employ 20 more people from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, empowering them to become “micro-entrepreneurs” in the waste management sector.
  • Implement Baz’Récup’s Sustainability Education Programme based on informal teaching practices and hands-on workshops, starting in 10 schools for the first year.


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