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Baobab Products Mozambique

Baobab Products Mozambique

Baobab Products Mozambique provides hundreds of women harvesters with a new source of seasonal income from the processing of fruits of the baobab tree. Harvesters are trained in processing techniques and are paid to supply seeds and pulp used to make baobab powder and other products for both national and international markets.

BPM is the first business in Mozambique to buy, process and trade the nutrient-rich Baobab fruit locally and market powder and oils as well as other planned products such as ingredients used to make ice creams and biscuits. The products will be sold on national and international markets.

BPM is an inclusive business that allows women harvesters to supply Baobab seed and pulp as well as become active shareholders in the enterprise, as part of a co-operative. It stimulates the economy through a new value-chain. BPM assists rural communities adapt to climate change, and provides an alternative food source and income for a region where agriculture is becoming limited due to poor rainfall and drought.

  • Find partners to help finance scale-up from pilot to operational phase.
  • Secure working capital to launch the Baobab product range and buy new season stock.
  • Increase Baobab powder sales from 10 t to 35 t by the end of 2015.
  • Look for investors to support the enterprise, as well as capital investment in its facilities.
  • Develop a promotional and market development campaign.


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