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Arusha Women Entrepreneur

Arusha Women Entrepreneur

Arusha Women Entrepreneurs is an enterprise training and employing women in the production and marketing of aflatoxin-free peanut butter. Smallholder farmers supply the peanuts which are processed into peanut butter and sold in bulk to a large wholesaler as well as to supermarkets and kiosks, and through door-to-door sales. Gender quotas ensure women are able to hold leadership positions in the enterprise.

AWE has created a value supply chain from the production and marketing of aflatoxin-free, natural peanut butter. Generating multiple income-earning opportunities, the enterprise uses an inclusive business model. It employs women from peri-urban Arusha and, together with partner World Vision, provides technical and management skills training to smallholder farmers. 

Semi-processed peanut butter sold wholesale drives most revenue, however diversification into by-products such as animal feed and briquettes could prove profitable. Arusha Women Entrepreneur has significantly increased the incomes of unemployed women from peri-urban Arusha and smallholder peanut farmers from Nzega Simbo.

  • Require urgent capital to purchase automatic processing machines, to buy raw materials and for post-harvest equipments for smallholders in Nzega Simbo .
  • Obtain organic certification for the organically grown peanuts.
  • Develop an export market plan for expansion to East African countries’ markets, building on existing orders out of Kenya.
  • Diversify the product portfolio with by-products such as animal feed and briquettes made from shells and residues, and new products such as therapeutic foods for children with chronic malnutrition and edible oils.
  • Build partnerships with local non-profit organisations to help build farmer capacity and productivity. Over three years approximately 3,000 farmers will be involved in the supply chain.


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