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Appropriate Energy saving Technologies LTD

Appropriate Energy saving Technologies LTD

Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies works closely with local farmers in Uganda’s Teso District to provide households in the district with clean, sustainable cooking fuel. The farmers provide the enterprise with bio-waste which is used to manufacture the biomass briquettes. The enterprise then sells and distributes biomass charcoal briquettes and fuel-efficient cookstoves to local community groups.

Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies LTD (AEST) utilises local resources like agricultural bio-waste to manufacture charcoal briquettes. It markets its products in combination with fuel-efficient cook stoves, modified by the enterprise for household use. Local women and youth are employed to help produce, market and sell the goods. 

AEST hopes to transition to a more decentralised production model by contracting farmers to supply biochar which will be processed further by the enterprise to ensure briquette quality. 

Increasing community access to sustainable energy and improved cooking solutions has multiple benefits. Socially, the enterprise is helping to reduce illnesses related to smoke inhalation. It is also providing an alternative solution to women and children walking long distances to find fuel.

  • Secure USD 100,000 of funds to support investment into new, more advanced production machinery.
  • Train 150 women and 200 young people to promote, popularise and advocate for widespread community adoption and use of charcoal briquettes from agricultural wastes as appropriate and sustainable fuel alternatives.
  • Integrate 200 farmers into the enterprise’s value chain through training them to collect agricultural waste and carbonise it to make char, which is then purchased by the enterprise for the creation of its briquettes.
  • Have a production capacity of five tonnes of briquettes per day within the next year.


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