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A partnership between a small business and a research institution is developing a sustainable self-financing solid waste management system that contributes to improving living conditions of the poorest population, in collaboration with a women’s group that collects solid waste in poor urban areas of Niger’s three biggest cities.


ALMODO, established in 2005, is a sustainable solid waste management system suitable for lower income urban areas where it offers training and waste management services to municipalities and civil societies. It collects, centralises and ecologically recovers waste which is then transformed into products useful for the local community such as school slate, paving stones, bricks, latrines, organic fertilisers or combustibles. ALMODO is innovative because the products are made from waste at the source and the equipment and process do not require expertise, and can therefore be used by anyone.

ALMODO targets especially low income communities who suffer from poor sanitation in their living environment and from low purchasing power.


  • Establish ALMODO as an operating urban waste management system.
  • Create an ALMODO pilot plant that will serve as training plant for private and public actors of waste management and recovery and which will treat 40 tons of waste per day.
  • Commercialise the products on small scale.
  • Show the feasibility of a completely new waste management system, with a view to becoming the appropriate social solution in sub-Saharan African cities.


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