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Corporación Acción Semilla

Corporación Acción Semilla

Corporación Acción Semilla collects organic waste from its foodservice industry and landscaping services clients and converts this waste into a fertilizer for agricultural activities at local, smallholder farms. The enterprise charges clients a fee for its services and earns profits from the sale of crops and compost.

Corporación Acción Semilla has developed an effective way to collect organic waste and incorporate this waste into its sustainable agricultural practices. In doing so, it closes the gap between large producers of organic waste within the landscaping and foodservice sectors and local farms in need of affordable fertilizers.

The enterprise provides educational trainings to local smallholder farmers, client companies, municipalities and schools on waste management and organic composting methods. It collaborates with local associations to ensure the empowerment of farming communities.

  • Provide full-time employment to an additional seven people at five farms.
  • Improve transportation infrastructure and organic waste collection processes to increase the geographical area of services and number of clients to 20.
  • Expand waste storage and management capacities by building a larger network of small rural organic waste processing facilities.


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