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Walali Company Limited

Walali Company Limited

Walali adds value to octopus and red bean - two products entrenched in the local culture of Rodrigues Island. The locally sourced raw materials are processed and packaged in retort pouches at the local production facility and marketed in Rodrigues and Mauritius. 

Walali Company Limited creates a value chain for agro-processing on Rodrigues Island. Octopuses and red beans are purchased and processed locally. Contracts to be established with individual small-scale suppliers who meet sustainability criteria will ensure a secure market and guaranteed prices for these suppliers.

The retort pouch technology increases the availability of these perishable goods and reduces production and shipping costs. Adding value to bean-based products promotes organic agriculture and preservation of local food traditions. 

  • Recruit an executive manager and two production staff from the local community who share the vision and values of Walali.
  • Procure equipment and refurbish processing plant in order to fully start commercial production.
  • Establish business contracts with 50 octopus suppliers and 10 bean planters.
  • Install a solar water heater for pre-heating the water used for sterilisation to reduce the production facility’s electricity costs and carbon emissions. 


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