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Masupa Enterprises

Masupa Enterprises

Masupa Enterprises offers cheap and environmentally friendly cooking solutions to both urban and rural communities. Its briquettes are made from waste such as dry leaves, paper, peels and other fruit and vegetable waste and are sold together with cook stoves to households and commercial customers.  

Masupa Enterprises’ cook stoves and briquettes offer an alternative to traditional fuels for cooking, which are often expensive and have negative environmental and health impacts. The briquettes are made from trash found around cities like Kampala through the process of carbonisation.

The target customers are households and commercial customers, such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and schools. In addition, women groups are trained on making and marketing the briquettes.

  • Re-invest profits into the business to ensure profitability in 2017 and set the basis for continued expansion of operations.
  • Increase productivity and output by building a large-scale kiln for briquette drying, which will be powered by waste energy from the carbonisation process. Construction will start in April 2018 when designs are ready.


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