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Lagazel produces and markets sustainable solar lamps to light urban and rural households without access to electricity. The local production generates employment and compared to conventional light sources, the use of solar lamps contributes to climate change mitigation and healthier living conditions.

Lagazel produces and markets two types of solar lamps, which were originally developed by the enterprise itself. The lamps are characterised by a robust metal case and high-quality lighting. The holistic business model includes industrial production in proximity to customers, and after-sales, repair and product end-of-life recycling services.

To facilitate the manufacturing of solar lamps in other locations, Lagazel designed a production plant called “L-Box”, a complete turnkey solution that encompasses a production line, staff training and marketing instruments.

  • Develop solar lamps distribution in at least five countries in West Africa. 
  • Start mass production and marketing of two new types of solar lamps.
  • Advance research and development of a new solar kit and charging station for schools.
  • Search for financial and industrial partners to replicate manufacturing workshops.
  • Sell 1.3 million solar lamps, reaching 4.3 million beneficiaries and saving 625,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by 2020.


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