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Ekasi Energy

Ekasi Energy

Ekasi Energy produces biomass cooking fuel and clean cooking appliances for informal settlements with little or no grid power. The alternative clean energy solutions reduce health threats caused by burning wood, charcoal and paraffin fires usually used for cooking.

Ekasi Energy manufactures biomass pellets, a natural fuel from compressed wood waste. To make this clean alternative an attractive fuel for informal off-grid households, the FAABulous Cooking Stove was designed to eliminate household threats of smoke from burning paraffin or charcoal while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

In addition, the FAABulous Clean Energy Appliances make use of the latest solar generation and battery storage technology to power low-voltage lighting, mobile devices and other household appliances.

  • Sell 6,500 new cook stoves and 1,600 tonnes of pellets by the end of 2018.
  • Establish a plant for large-scale production of pellets as soon as 5,000 cookstoves have been sold.
  • Address behaviour change through trainings around the use of alternative cooking fuels, safety and cooking tips.
  • Establish a reseller base of 10 female resellers per region: As primary users, women are seen as advocates for cleaner living. 


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