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Coopérative Sahel Vert

Coopérative Sahel Vert

Coopérative Sahel Vert encourages the generation and use of clean biogas and organic fertiliser by constructing and maintaining biodigesters in rural areas. Besides the various positive environmental impacts, the sale of surplus agricultural production and organic fertilisers offers households additional income opportunities.

In the Sahel region, the co-operative Sahel Vert is the first enterprise to construct cost-effective and efficient biodigesters that produce biogas and organic fertiliser from human and animal excrement. The enterprise offers training on how to correctly use the facilities and after-sales and maintenance services to enhance customer retention and satisfaction.

This holistic approach is realised by teams of trained and specialised masons. For both raising awareness and marketing, the enterprise relies on its local sale teams to highlight the advantages of its technology. 

  • Expand zones of operation and increase production level by constructing 400 new biodigesters by the end of 2017.
  • Recruit and train technical and commercial masons and support agents to be able to expand production and after-sales and maintenance services.
  • Set up a retail store for biodigester equipment and biogas to better serve customer needs.


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