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Ziweto Enterprise

Ziweto Enterprise

Ziweto Enterprise provides rural livestock smallholders with access to veterinary advice and other animal health products and services. Through a franchising model, Ziweto enables entrepreneurs to establish agro-veterinary shops, improving the livelihood of underserved communities in rural Malawi.

Ziweto Enterprise has set up a network of franchise agro-veterinary shops in remote rural areas that provide veterinarian services, including diagnosis and medicine products, to smallholder farmers. Ziweto franchises also offer trainings on sustainable animal husbandry and facilitate the smallholders’ market access as intermediaries.

The business model is filling a gap by reaching livestock farmers in underserved communities through selecting local entrepreneurs and equipping them with a line of suitable veterinarian products and services, training and branding materials.

  • Create a network of more than 50 agro-veterinary shops by 2018, reaching 150,000 farmers across Malawi.
  • Develop a financing scheme for potential franchise holders in order to ease establishment of additional shops in underserved regions.
  • Purchase a vehicle for the distribution of veterinary products to the franchise agro-veterinary shops.
  • Increase the variety of products and services offered, such as veterinary diagnostic tests and livestock insurance.


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