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YICE Uganda

YICE Uganda

YICEUganda provides rural smallholder farmers in Uganda with flexible farm loans, inputs and training services to reduce hunger and poverty. With its network of local farm agents, YICEUganda facilitates farmers’ access to bundled agricultural services at various levels of the farming value chain.

Farmers purchase a USD 0.30 annual subscription to be a member of a small farming group, receiving farming tips and training in addition to flexible loans with favourable terms. Thirty percent of the loans are given to the farmers as farm inputs and seventy percent in cash. The groups also receive training on savings, forming savings groups to ensure a sustainable income source. Mobile phone technology is used to relay agricultural information and collect loan repayments.

  • Expand microloan capacity up to USD 30,000 per year to enlarge the farmer network and increase the impact of training, on-farm advice and farm productivity.
  • Increase training for both staff and beneficiaries, especially in improved farming practices, environmental conservation and savings and investment.
  • Triple the enterprise’s USD 500 monthly revenue by 2017.


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