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Unique Quality Product Enterprise

Unique Quality Product Enterprise

Unique Quality Product Enterprise represents the first business in Ghana that adds value to Fonio, a neglected, indigenous and nutritious cereal crop that grows well on unfertilised marginal land. The company mobilises and supports rural women to cultivate Fonio, processes and markets the products.

Unique Quality Product Enterprise trains marginalised women suppliers in agronomic practices to farm Fonio, an indigenous grain that has low water requirements and can withstand adverse weather conditions. The enterprise dries, de-husks, packages, stores and markets Fonio cereal products for household consumption.

The company assists its suppliers with acquiring land for cultivation and buying the harvested grain at guaranteed prices. It currently produces 15,000 kg of Fonio weekly, and promotes production, sales and consumption of Fonio by improving post-harvest processing, developing marketing strategies and raising product awareness.

  • Raise capital for the acquisition of new equipment and train staff in food processing and packaging.
  • Construct a warehouse for Fonio storage and deploy 500 women traders to market Fonio products to all Ghanaian supermarkets.
  • Develop marketing outlets and advertising systems that raise awareness of Fonio’s nutritional values to increase its demand in the market.


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