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SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS of Water

To improve access to safe drinking water, SPOUTS manufactures and supplies an affordable ceramic water filter, called the Purifaaya, which is made with local resources and materials easily found in Uganda. SPOUTS is the sole manufacturer of water filtration products in Uganda.

SPOUTS of Water manufactures, markets and sells affordable ceramic water filters using local materials and employing local labour. The enterprise targets all socioeconomic classes in Uganda – from those who rely on expensive bottled water and those who boil their water, to the lowest-income 30% who usually consume untreated water.

SPOUTS takes advantage of numerous existing networks, such as savings groups and microfinance institutions, to deliver safe water across the entire market. It fills a void where other water treatment methods have failed to maintain sustainable production and cultural longevity.

  • Complete construction of a new factory to increase production from 1,000 to 2,000 filters per month.
  • Expand marketing to new languages and channels, e.g. radio and taxi ads, to increase sales.
  • Pilot premium filters with a modern and aesthetically pleasing design to appeal to the higher-income market segment.


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