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Sahelia Solar

Sahelia Solar

A leading solar company in Burkina Faso, Sahelia Solar is now starting to provide solar energy systems to off-grid agro-processing plants managed by rural cooperatives. The pay-as-you go model provides people in rural areas with readily available, reliable, and affordable energy.

Sahelia Solar has developed a new way to offer solar energy systems to rural cooperatives at a lower price than current fuel-based alternatives, integrating a pay-as-you-go model and mobile payment and monitoring options. Costs are divided over time and across users, ensuring fair access to energy for rural micro-entrepreneurs. The first beneficiaries of the service will be the members of the FNGN Cooperative and the project will be deployed on FNGN’s existing infrastructure, including its multifunctional platforms and activity centres.

  • Replicate the community pay-as-you-go solar model beyond the agricultural sector to the medical, education and residential sectors.
  • Develop a solar energy systems curriculum in partnership with a local NGO and a technical school in the city of Bobo Dioulasso with a view to providing internships to students.
  • Train a network of technicians within the participating cooperatives for effective maintenance of the deployed solar energy systems.


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