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Safi Organics

Safi Organics

Safi Organics provides organic fertiliser for rural smallholder farmers that contributes to soil carbon storage. The Safi Sarvi® blend is derived from various types of local organic farm waste, and is transformed into soil conditioner through low-cost production.

Farmers benefit from additional income by supplying farm waste products to Safi Organics rather than burning them. The enterprise processes this waste with a proprietary recipe into Safi Sarvi® branded fertiliser and sells the product back to the farmers, who in turn benefit from improved crop yield and income. The product reduces the required processing time of soil conditioner and increases long-term soil fertility.

  • Acquire a pellet machine and KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) Certification.
  • Lease land to set up production facilities.
  • Administer marketing to reach sales target of 300 bags per month.
  • Initiate partnerships with existing agricultural distributors to market the product to a larger audience.


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