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Magiro Hydro Electric Limited (MHEL)

Magiro Hydro Electric Limited (MHEL)

Magiro Hydro Electricity Limited (MHEL) uses modified bicycle parts and simple motors to generate hydropower from a local waterfall, supplying inexpensive, renewable energy to rural village residents who otherwise would use kerosene and firewood.

Magiro Hydro Electricity Limited (MHEL) has developed an innovative small scale 30 kW hydropower plant in Mihuti Village, which is solely composed of locally available standard engines, recycled bicycle parts and generates electricity from a local waterfall. As MHEL avoids the common connection charges of electricity suppliers and offers flexible pricing for its electricity supply, it offers affordable rates for both private households and local businesses, charging as low as USD 1 per month.

  • Refine machinery through a step-up transformer to increase capacity to 300 kW in the next three years.
  • Explore the possibility of expanding services into other counties in Kenya through partnering with financing institutions and county governments.


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