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Jardin Green Hope

Jardin Green Hope

Jardin Green Hope uses innovative manufacturing processes to convert water hyacinths and organic waste into quality natural fertilisers. By adding value to organic waste, the company supplies farmers with cheaper inputs, allowing them to increase their revenues and regenerate their soils.

Jardin Green Hope opens the way for an entirely new value chain of organic fertilisers, from the collection of organic waste by specially trained women to the sale to local farmers. Value is added to waste products through an innovative, efficient and non-polluting process. Partnerships with local food processing units ensure a continuous flow of raw materials, and the production capacity will be increased through the installation of an industrial plant.

  • Add value to between 3,650 and 4,510 tonnes of organic waste and invasive aquatic plants per year and contribute to restoring the fertility of 300 hectares of agricultural land by 2019.
  • Achieve an annual sales volume of 2,000 tons of organic fertilisers, a turnover of FCFA 200 million (USD 342,000) from 2019 onwards.
  • Eventually establish an industrial unit with a national or even sub-regional impact, specialising in the production and marketing of organic fertilisers and bio-pesticides with a production capacity of 5,000 tons per year.


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