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Green the Map

Green the Map

Green the Map (GTM) recycles waste and provides a retail network for upcycled products, generating livelihoods for disadvantaged people and spreading environmental consciousness. By partnering with waste collectors, producers, NGOs and government, the enterprise contributes to tackling urban waste problems.

GTM follows a two-pronged business model to market environmentally friendly products. The enterprise manufactures products from waste or organic materials, and it also offers an on- and offline marketing and sales platform for its own products and the products of other environmentally conscious producers.

Online, GTM runs its own e-commerce store and sells on other e-commerce portals. Offline, sales occur in GTM’s own store as well as in other retail stores throughout India.

  • Increase the number of employees upcycling products for GTM from 15 to 30 within the next year.

  • Double the number of vendor partners - enterprises whose products GTM promotes and sells through their retail channels - to reach 50 within the next year.

  • Reach 50,000 end buyers or consumers of our products within the next year, tripling the number of current customers.

  • Scale operations and impact by working actively with more corporates who wish to act responsibly towards their own waste and help them create beautiful and sustainable products.


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