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Green Acre Living

Green Acre Living

Green Acre Living provides organic farming training to emerging farmers in urban areas and promotes the establishment of urban food micro-enterprises. The focus is on biodiversity, promoting indigenous foods and increasing organic production to achieve food security.

Green Acre Living (NPO) develops low-technology solutions to address urban agriculture challenges and provides donor-funded training for emerging farmers on efficient organic cultivation and produce distribution. The organisation works to develop urban organic markets and microcooperatives with a focus on organically developed solutions, and acts as the distributor of harvested produce. Green Acre Living cultivates a farm that supplies vegetables, poultry and eggs to a hospice and orphanage facility to illustrate the value of nutrient dense organically grown produce.

  • Establish 30 food cooperatives and 200 urban food enterprises nationally per year.
  • Establish a support network for 10,000 food gardens nationally.
  • Set up several urban food training academies nationally using their one acre farming model to teach bio diverse organic farming and production techniques.
  • Expand the current orphanage and hospice farm capacity to one hectare to provide vegetable and poultry products to feed 180 orphans and patients a day and to make the facility self-sustainable.
  • Encourage more sector groups to actively participate in the project by holding annual workshops to increase the understanding of urban agriculture, the need for biodiversity and the benefi ts of indigenous fauna and flora in food production systems.


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