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Farmerline provides information and services needed by farmers like best agronomic practices, weather data, literacy training and market prices through its developed mobile software technology. The localized data help transform smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs and mitigate some of the harmful effects from climate change.

Farmerline’s software MERGDATA reaches farmers via mobile technology that is adapted to the local context and shares empowering information in mass quantities in voice or SMS format. Business activities include licensing the software, surveying tools and database to organizations (B2B) as well as direct sales of content services to farmers (B2F), and have resulted in USD 300,000 of revenues in the past year.

Farmerline also provides financial services to increase farmers’ access to savings and loans and additionally offers literacy training and workshops on how to access, understand and implement agronomic best practices.

  • Develop Fintech solution for smallholder farmers in partnership with Micro Finance Institutions (MFI’s).
  • Expand into five new countries by providing content and technology services.
  • Explore investors and seek affordable debt and equity investments to increase the scale of the business.
  • Re-invest business revenues into company growth to reach one million farmers in 10 countries in the next three years.


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