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Chonona Aquaculture

Chonona Aquaculture

Chonona produces diverse fish products in an integrated aquaculture approach. While the production aims at closing the natural resource cycle, Chonona integrates the local community into the supply of inputs, marketing and fish processing.

Chonona produces and markets diverse fish products from their aquaculture farm, such as table size fish for direct consumption and fingerlings (young fish) for production. The enterprise builds on strong community involvement and local business relations, by locally sourcing farm inputs. The company also provides its local partners with training on aquaculture production.

Chonona promotes sustainable fish farming practices and integrates livestock and horticulture into its production cycle. Furthermore, the enterprise works to diversify its revenues by developing new products and alternative income sources, such as eco-tourism and consultancy services.

  • Integrate 10 additional small-scale fish farmers into the company’s supply chain, providing them with training on fish production techniques and business skills by mid-2017.
  • Improve the enterprise’s facilities and logistic capacity, including the construction of storage facilities and the procurement of refrigerated transporter by mid-2018.
  • Improve the company’s integration into the value chain by developing new products and services. Also develop Chonona’s distribution network by establishing retail outlets in other regions.
  • Expand production by constructing 24 additional fish ponds by 2020.


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