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Vula Mobile

Vula Mobile

Vula is a mobile phone application that empowers rural health professionals to provide efficient and effective eye care by accessing accurate information. Frontline practitioners communicate directly with specialists, discussing the patient over a messaging system. The improved quality of primary care and accurate referrals to specialists reduce the impact of treatable and reversible illnesses.

The enterprise’s app solution is designed to improve eye care diagnosis, treatment and specialist referrals for rural health care professionals. Practitioners can take photos, capture a brief medical history and directly communicate with specialists. The software licenses are sold to health systems administrators and NGOs, and the app is free to download.

The app improves the quality of practitioner decisions, while thoroughly documenting the process. It provides a fast and convenient way to connect rural patients, healthcare professionals and eye care specialists. 

Vula Mobile enables rural health workers to better serve patients with eye conditions.  By allowing primary healthcare professionals, regardless of geography, to access accurate information and specialist practitioners, stress and uncertainty for patients is reduced, appropriate treatment is accurately prescribed and early identification of serious conditions lessens the risk of long-term health effects.

  • Expand Vula’s reach to more health specialities, beginning with cardiology; orthopaedics; ear, nose and throat; dermatology; paediatric surgery; and HIV & tuberculosis.
  • Improve Vula’s functionality and partner with other health apps to provide a comprehensive health solution in rural areas.
  • Scale up Vula in other countries, expanding further than the current users in South Africa, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.
  • Secure more licensing contracts with health system administrators and NGOs.


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