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Terra Nova Waste to Farming

Terra Nova Waste to Farming

Terra Nova Waste to Farming produces a natural compost fertiliser from urban organic waste, employing underprivileged local people in its production. In a region with insufficient soil fertility, the initiative closes the cycle between waste and agricultural inputs to enhance productivity and food security, simultaneously generating income for dozens of workers.

Terra Nova Waste to Farming receives urban waste from the municipality, which is then sorted and the organic matter is used to produce compost, a natural fertiliser. The compost is sold to small local farms, city households and the municipality to be used for farming and gardening.

The natural fertiliser provided by the initiative enables significantly improved crop yields that consequently generate more revenues for local farmers. Terra Nova supports social rehabilitation by mainly employing underprivileged people.

The enterprise aims to reduce urban solid waste of Beira by 50% - 60% within four years, and creates significant environmental benefits by curtailing the use of chemical fertilisers in local farming.

  • Increase composting capacity from 1,000 to 5,000 tons per year within five years.
  • Achieve financial sustainability in three to four years.
  • Reach USD 500,000 in sales by 2020.
  • Offer 100 jobs by 2020, providing social rehabilitation for locals in the region.


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