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SavvyLoo aims to bring a waterless toilet system to rural areas and temporary settlements across Africa. The innovative design is a competitive alternative to waterborne sanitation, pit latrines, chemical toilets and composting toilets. It is easy to install and more hygienic than the alternatives. SavvyLoo saves water, is easy to install and relocate, is more hygienic than alternatives, and produces a waste output that can be converted into energy.

SavvyLoo is piloting a waterless sanitation solution for rural communities and temporary settlements, potentially across Africa. It separates urine and desiccate faeces in three to five days to a dry bio-waste, which is easy to transport and convert to energy using gasifier systems.

SavvyLoo affords users with a hygienic alternative to pit latrines, chemical and composting toilets, eliminating compost and sludge. It is easy to use and maintain and protects users from pathogens and odours.

SavvyLoo’s innovative design significantly reduces sanitation life-cycle costs when compared to pit latrines, waterborne and chemical toilets. As a waterless system, the toilet reduces both the economic and environmental impacts of water used in sanitation.

  • Extend field trials to different live environments and obtain an SABS and Agrément Certificate – an innovative construction product assessment.
  • Finalise a sustainable financing model with two income streams: manufacturing royalties, and micro-franchising royalties.
  • Look for development funding to purchase moulds tooling and operating costs, and start manufacturing in serial production.
  • Establish micro-franchising networks to install SavvyLoo toilets in households, to service them and provide electricity and related products to local communities.


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