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RISE is a solar power distribution partnership between an experienced rural renewable energy product distributor, and one of Tanzania's largest agricultural commodity traders. With the goal of making renewable energy services available and affordable to consumers, the enterprise is lighting up communities in the most rural of Africa’s eastern regions while generating income for local sales agents.

RISE imports high-quality, modular solar systems that are designed to provide light and mobile charging, and transports them to remote rural trading posts. Working with complementary partners, the enterprise offers innovative consumer financing, and utilises existing distribution networks in rural areas.

RISE trains local sales agents in business and sales skills, and on benefits, uses, and technical aspects of solar technology. Thus, the agents are able to successfully market the products while creating awareness in local communities.

RISE reduces the cost of electricity allowing children to study longer, shops to remain open later, and mobile devices to charge faster. The switch to solar energy in communities lowers health problems and safety risks related to burning fossil fuels, and reduces greenhouses gas emissions.

  • Recruit a dedicated manager and two more staff members to oversee the enterprise’s implementation and growth.
  • Recruit a strong group of motivated sales agents.
  • Automate as much of the distribution process as possible to ensure low distribution costs and rigorous up-to-date tracking of all sales and distribution. Explore suitable software solutions and implement a new system in the next six months.
  • Contribute retained earnings to financing the project, in addition to other funding options that will be explored as the enterprise grows, such as further debt facilities and corporate equity from its partner Sollatek.


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