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RK Renew Energy PLC

RK Renew Energy PLC

RK Renew Energy PLC is a women-led initiative that empowers impoverished Ethiopian women to produce and sell fuel-efficient stoves to refugee camps, where demand is high. Refugees benefit from less exposure to air pollution, reduced risk of sexual assault for girls collecting firewood, and improved food security since food rations no longer have to be traded for additional fuel.

The initiative engages Ethiopian women from the host communities of refugee camps to produce ceramic, fuel-efficient stoves. The stoves are then distributed and sold in the refugee camps by other groups of trained refugee women.

The demand for improved cook stoves is very high in refugee areas due to their fuel efficiency. Reducing the need for fuelwood gathering, the stoves also reduce the workload for girls in the camps and diminish their risk of falling victim to sexual violence, while also reducing air pollution and fire incidences.

RK Renew Energy PLC provides improved cook stoves to a potential number of 821,000 refugees in 23 refugee camps across Ethiopia. Each fuel-efficient stove reduces the environmental and health impacts of fuelwood burning, as well as allowing refugees to consume all of their food rations instead of trading some of them for cooking fuel. 

  • Acquire start-up capital from investors in order to establish and develop the first five stove-production sites
  • Produce 55,000 stoves by December 2016, aiming for a total of 165,000 stoves by Dec 2018.
  • With stove production established, begin to also introduce solar lighting for the refugee camps in mid-2016.


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