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People of the Sun

People of the Sun

People of the Sun is a green and inclusive handicraft trading enterprise that trains and supports marginalised artisans to craft unique homeware products made from recycled materials. Working in eye-level partnership with artisan groups and aiming to increase social benefits along the value chain, the enterprise connects them to national and international markets. 

People of the Sun created six artisan enterprises and, through partnerships with internationally recognized designers, is expanding the market for handmade homeware items. Its products are developed with waste or natural materials found locally.

The enterprise has developed an inclusive value chain that generates social benefits to impoverished local artisans and offers innovative products to the market.

With products made from recycled materials, the enterprise is saving resources and creating awareness on the value of recycling, while reducing waste from paper, cardboard and glass in Blantyre city.

  • Improve production facilities for existing artisan groups, investing in new tools and workspaces.
  • Expand artisan members in existing artisan groups in order to increase capacity and reach more markets, and develop one or two new artisan enterprises.
  • Expand national sales to cover local running costs and elevate international sales in order to allow an international expansion of the enterprise and its replication in other countries, such as Gabon.
  • Increase marketing efforts, such as the presence in international events, and the development of new product lines in order to reach other international markets.


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