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Peacock Seeds

Peacock Seeds

Peacock Seeds supports climate change adaptability and food security in Malawi by producing and supplying smallholder farms with drought-tolerant, disease-resistant and yield-improved legume and maize seeds. By supporting farms in crop improvement, they also help generate income security for farmers.

Peacock farms and their contracted farmers produce drought-tolerant, disease-resistant and yield-improved legume and maize seeds from parental material offered by different research institutions. The enterprise also provides cleaning, processing, treatment and packaging of the seeds that are then sold for affordable prices to small-scale farmers throughout the country. 

Agricultural trading companies across Malawi support the local distribution of the seeds. 

The initiative will help diminish soil erosion by planting tree lines around fields and the farm. In the long term, it will maintain a natural forest with wildlife.

  • Increase production capacity to 1,000 tons of maize and 500 tons of legume seeds.
  • Invest in land development, expanding to 100 hectares, irrigation facilities, and farm equipment such as a thresher and a maize combine harvester in Peacock farms.
  • Improve payment system for seed purchasing to small-scale contracted farmers.
  • Support 100 demonstration plots every year to raise awareness of the importance of using improved seeds, selecting farmers to lead presentations on the topic, providing 200g – 500g of certified maize seed and assisting in field inspection.


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