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O Viveiro

O Viveiro

“O Viveiro” fosters community development, food security and women entrepreneurship by offering training sessions on organic farming and technology-enhanced food processing practices to underprivileged girls at the O Viveiro Centre. The girls and a micro-cooperative of women from the local community are also responsible for the management of two shops and a restaurant selling their products.

The initiative offers training on organic farming, technology-enhanced food processing as well as on business management and sales to disadvantaged girls from the O Viveiro centre and women farmers from the community. The fruit and vegetables grown on enterprise and community land are processed into oil, jam, peanut butter and sauces, and then sold to the local market through O Viveiro’s two shops and restaurant in Chitima.

Women from local farms receive training on soil productivity enhancement and crop rotation techniques. The products are marketed through a micro-cooperative of women from the community.

The enterprise also supports food security by increasing productivity through improved farming and food preservation techniques and generates additional income opportunities for the community.

  • Achieve profitability in both shops and the restaurant and develop a franchise model to foster more local shops run by women.
  • Reach financial sustainability at the O Viveiro Tete Centre for Girls in the next two years.
  • Scale-up production by adding more machinery, doubling oil production and acquiring a new vehicle to make deliveries.
  • Tap into the market of the city of Tete, increasing profits by 100% in two years.
  • Add a mobile-processing unit that will allow produce collection from 10,000 different farms and countrywide distribution in the next five years.


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