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Masole Ammele

Masole Ammele

Masole Ammele disseminates organic fish farming skills among communities in Malawi, stimulating them to unite and organise themselves in the process of breeding fish. Through this activity, the initiative provides an extra income for participants and raises awareness on the importance of ecosystem preservation among villages in the country. 

Masole Ammele firstly selects local fish species that are being threatened due to overfishing and pollution. The enterprise then trains village members on organic fish farming according to permaculture principles, using affordable local input resources and conserving aquatic ecosystems.

In self-managed groups, villagers take care of the ponds and sell the fish to local markets, transferring five percent of all sales back to the enterprise.

The enterprise is raising awareness on the importance of preserving local fish species and the potential of using permaculture farming techniques. Masole Ammele will contribute to cleaner water resources and plan to plant 10,000 trees in target communities by 2020.

  • Increase number of fish ponds and production volumes.
  • Improve management of project resources, encouraging community groups to develop their own rules and regulation to increase effectiveness.
  • Continuously involve additional communities in the initiative and provide a higher number of training sessions.
  • Ensure quotas for female members in management committees and offer encouragements for women to participate, expecting to reach 60 active women by end of 2016.


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