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Loja de Energias

Loja de Energias

Loja de Energias empowers rural women while disseminating eco-friendly energy sources in the country. The enterprise’s energy shops, managed by women, are spreading improved cook stoves and photovoltaic systems throughout rural communities, who benefit from increased lighting hours and gain awareness on the products’ environmental, financial and health benefits.

Women from rural areas in Mozambique apply to receive an initial set of material to manage their own energy shops. Future material has to be bought, but loans are also granted by the enterprise and the women organise in savings groups for cyclical buying.

The shops offer improved cook stoves, photovoltaic systems, lamps, mobile phone chargers, refrigerators and energy saving light bulbs. The women organise meetings with communities to raise awareness and offer the different products. 

The enterprise empowers women in rural Mozambique through entrepreneurship, offering new skills and stable income opportunities. The adoption of clean and renewable energy sources reduces dependency on charcoal, kerosene and firewood, diminishing deforestation and carbon emissions. Air pollution is therefore also decreasing, reducing respiratory diseases in the long term.

  • Expand the access to products by opening new shops in various communities across Mozambique and work with UN Women on the implementation of their Women Economic Empowerment initiative in selected rural communities.
  • Cater to requests from regional partners from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to support them with implementing similar projects.
  • Secure funding for the director to attend a management course in order to improve enterprise management and also better train the women in running their shops.
  • Finalize the production of the enterprise website and equip the central Energy Shop office.


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