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Lighting Up Women's Lives

Lighting Up Women's Lives

Lighting Up Women’s Lives combines an existing handicrafts supply chain with reverse logistics of bringing solar products to rural communities at affordable prices. It provides access to affordable and sustainable light and electricity for households, health centres and small businesses.

In response to the growing interest in solar energy in Namibia, Lighting Up Women’s Lives will utilise Shankara Craft’s existing network of partners, supply chains, logistics and transport to expand into selling solar lighting and chargers. After a survey of community members was overwhelmingly supportive, the enterprise will commence taking orders at the village level.

The enterprise will collect inventory from a solar distributor in Rundu town when they dispatch craft orders, and sell the solar products to weavers and their communities when they return on buying trips.

Promoting solar energy will decrease firewood dependency, and reduce carbon emissions by 100kg per year for each light switched from kerosene to solar power.

  • Develop and implement a training program for an initial group of weaver sales agents.
  • Target and test marketing and sales messaging and channels to most effectively educate potential customers about the products‘ features and environmental, economic, educational and health benefits.
  • Upon successful review of the current model, roll out to further craft groups that Omba Arts Trust supports in nine other regions.


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