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Kidogo Early Childhood Centres

Kidogo Early Childhood Centres

Kidogo Early Childhood Centres offer high-quality, affordable and safe childcare options for families living in urban slums, allowing mothers and caregivers to work and attend school. The centres employ local women and operate as “centres of excellence”, while supporting a local micro-financing program that provides local women – or “mamapreneurs”- a “business in a box” to start or grow their own micro-business in child care.

Kidogo is building a network of corporate-owned and franchised early childhood centres in the informal settlements (slums) of Nairobi with all the building blocks young children need to thrive including trained staff, a holistic curriculum, health & nutrition programs and child-friendly spaces that serve local communities and families.

Soon to be rolled out is a ‘business in a box’ micro-franchising initiative that will enable local mothers as “mamapreneurs” to establish new, or formalise their existing, childcare centres with quality service to create a stable income.

By combining early childhood care and education with income generation for women, the enterprise is helping break the intergenerational cycle of poverty in local communities. Children gain access to early childhood learning, unlocking their potential in adulthood, while care giving mothers and siblings can return to work and school.

  • Work towards financial sustainability through new income streams and focused cost management.
  • Continue to build and further improve child care “centres of excellence” in new communities across Kenya and East Africa.
  • Increase impact through a micro-franchising network, which is expected to reach more than 300 young children by the end of 2016.
  • Complete a community impact study, to assess the influence the hub centres and franchises have on families and the communities.


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