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Khepri Biosciences

Khepri Biosciences

Khepri Bioscience is piloting the process of innovatively reusing abattoir waste to produce high quality, low cost animal feed. Contributing to lowering the price of farming animals and in turn the price of food, the enterprise is improving food security in the region while closing the loop between organic waste and farming, and creating jobs.

The enterprise, at its first pilot site in Krugersdorp, collects abattoir and agricultural waste as input for the production of insect larvae, which, in turn, serve as raw material for protein-rich animal feed.

The product is cheaper than conventional feed based on fish meal, reducing the cost of animal farming. The enterprise also produces compost that is sold to farmers to organically improve yields.

Khepri Bioscience is reducing input costs for farmers, thus lowering the price of mainly fish, chicken meat and eggs, paving the way to improved food security in the region. Closing the loop between organic waste and farming, the enterprise diverts agricultural waste from landfills. As it offers an alternative source of protein feed to popular fish meal, it also reduces pressure on marine life.

  • Register the product with the Department of Agriculture as animal feed, a requirement for feeding to certain livestock.
  • Expand production to reach 100% capacity at the current site within four months and scale to absorb 180 tons of waste per day at three sites in 12 months.
  • Develop replicable processes and a fly farm kit to enable scale-up and replication.
  • Long term goal: Build capacity to take in up to 50% of the abattoir waste produced in Gauteng province, and feed up to 30% of the chicken and 40% of the pigs produced in South Africa within eight years from now.


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