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EcoBrick Exchange

EcoBrick Exchange

EcoBrick Exchange combines green construction with community participation and childhood education. The enterprise has developed reusable, fireproof bricks made from waste plastic that can be made easily by local residents, resulting in reduced plastic pollution on the streets and in landfill, and increased environmental awareness. In partnership with communities, the enterprise implements low-cost buildings e.g. for childhood centres.

EcoBrick Exchange educates local communities on the making of simple, reusable building bricks – done by filling PET bottles with rubbish – to construct early childhood centres and other community buildings. The enterprise engages with local businesses, schools and NGOs to train participants, offering second hand household items and clothing in exchange for bricks.

EcoBrick Exchange has developed a construction technique that is at least 20% cheaper than standard construction, and when the enterprise works with communities on new projects, it earns a 50% commission on any savings achieved above the initial 20%.

EcoBrick Exchange combines green construction with community participation and environmental education. Local residents benefit from exchanging bricks for used household goods or discounts at stores, while reducing household waste and cleaning up streets.

  • Work with developers, constructors, municipalities and NGOs to spread the technique and increase the number of new buildings, aiming to recycle hundreds of tons of plastic pollutants.
  • Generate an additional revenue stream from selling EcoBricks to the construction industry.
  • Reduce the enterprise’ role in construction, with majority of fundraising handled by recipient NGOs, allowing several projects to be undertaken simultaneously.
  • Implement training in development studies for the enterprise team to increase the skills transfer and job creation with the recipient communities, and further expand the range of training courses offered to staff.
  • Commissioning the construction of bricks to build infrastructure, parks and other buildings that will benefit the community.


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