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Days for Girls Uganda

Days for Girls Uganda

Days for Girls empowers women and girls in East Africa to take control of their bodies and finances by providing business training and access to menstrual hygiene. Uniquely designed reusable menstrual hygiene kits support girls and women to attend school and work, without anxiety or stigma over menstrual hygiene. Furthermore, women involved in production gain income and economic empowerment.

The enterprise partners with local organisations to train women in producing and distributing soap and menstrual hygiene kits. The innovative design of the kits uses locally sourced materials that can last for up to three years, can be washed with little water, and fold out to look like handkerchiefs when drying.

After training, members of the partner organisations become ambassadors for women’s health and hygiene services, providing both products and vital health knowledge at the community level.

Mothers are encouraged to participate in production and can access on-site childcare. The sewing and distribution options for local partners generate income opportunities for women and communities.

  • Expand trainings to participants from neighbouring countries at the Days for Girls University in Kampala, a newly established facility with accommodation and training space.
  • Develop a mapping application to track where kits have been distributed and determine which locations are still in need of hygiene solutions.
  • Further develop online reporting tools and supplemental business resource packs for partner organisations.
  • Work as part of a committee towards establishing a Uganda Bureau of Standards national standard for washable pads.


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