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COMSOL Cooperative for Environmental Solutions

COMSOL Cooperative for Environmental Solutions

COMSOL Cooperative for Environmental Solutions empowers waste pickers in Maputo. The collection, recycling and sales of solid waste material not only ensures an income for the pickers and cooperative members - former waste pickers - but also reduces waste accumulation in the city. The enterprise is also raising awareness among the population on the potential and importance of recycling and resource conservation.

The cooperative, composed of eight former waste pickers, collects and buys recyclable materials in Maputo. Waste pickers and residents assist in the collection process by dropping recyclables off at collection points, where they are picked up by the enterprise’s truck. Other cooperative members, having received proper training, sort and clean the recyclables to sell them to companies in the city.

The recyclables collected include plastic, aluminium and glass. Ninety per cent of the profits generated are shared among its members, while ten per cent is reinvested in the cooperative.

COMSOL Cooperative for Environmental Solutions is ensuring social protection and inclusion for underprivileged inhabitants of Maputo and their families. Waste pickers are offered the opportunity to increase their monthly income, and community members are stimulated to actively take part in their neighbourhood’s development.

  • Increase partnerships and extend the network of customers and suppliers in order to achieve financial sustainability.
  • Expand coverage of cooperative collection points throughout the city.
  • Verify and assess conditions of access to credit from unions or financial institutions to look for scale-up financing.
  • Generate more environmental awareness amongst the population in Maputo.


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