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Botanic Treasures

Botanic Treasures

Botanic Treasures leverages traditional farming techniques of smallholder farmers to grow the highly nutritious Moringa oleifera tree, processing the plant and marketing health food products nationally and internationally. Over 1,000 individuals are employed across the value chain, providing economic stability for rural communities. The consumption of Moringa oleifera is improving health, and reducing child mortality while the cultivation of the drought-resistant plant serves as to manage soil erosion and promote sustainable agroforestry.

Botanic Treasures works with 500 local, smallholder farmers to cultivate the highly nutritious, drought-resistant Moringa tree. Its leaves, fruits and bark are processed into nutritional supplements and fortified foods that are sold locally at franchise stores, nationally by large supermarket chains, and exported abroad.

The enterprise assists in the formation of farming groups and collaborates with them to build collection and processing centers, links farmers with financial services, conducts trainings and workshops on safe agricultural practices, educates on agroforestry, and shares seeds.

By supporting the income generation of over 1,000 individuals across the value chain, improving health via nutritional training and increased access to the nutritional Moringa tree, and contributing to biodiversity and reforestation, Botanic Treasures is advancing the standard of living across whole communities.

  • Upgrade production facilities to meet international standards for exported goods.
  • Obtain organic certification.
  • Increase the acreage under cultivation by planting more trees, and recruiting new members and partners.
  • Obtain financial investment from new strategic partners.


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