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Black Gold Farm Manure

Black Gold Farm Manure

Black Gold Farm Manure markets organic fertiliser produced from locally available, low-cost resources to farms in Malawi, improving food security in the region. The initiative trains farmers on producing the fertiliser and supports them through loans and guidance on eco-friendly farming.

Black Gold Farm Manure uses local resources such as chicken manure and organic farm residues to produce natural fertiliser via composting. The initiative trains women employed in their farm as well as local farmers in the manufacture of the product, which is then sold by the enterprise throughout Malawi.

Farmers ensure better yields by using the natural fertiliser. They also benefit form the enterprise’s village banking groups that assist them in purchasing chicken and train them on environmental conservation.

Black Gold Farm Manure is helping to improve food security and increase farmers’ income in Malawi by stimulating them to produce, apply and sell anatural organic fertiliser that generates better harvests. Via village banking groups, it offers  loans to farmers to start into fertiliser production.

  • Provide organic fertiliser to 1,300 households.
  • Offer more training sessions and field demonstrations.
  • Expand number of village banking groups assisting farmers with loans.


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