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Frontier Markets: Last Mile Distribution for Solar

Frontier Markets: Last Mile Distribution for Solar

Frontier Markets provides rural low-income families with affordable solar energy lanterns, torches, and home-lighting systems using a hub-and-spoke distribution model. The specific needs of rural low-income families are integrated into the business model through after-sales services and regular product use, needs assessments. Using solar energy products allows customers to reduce their energy expenses and to reduce the use of traditional polluting fuel sources such as kerosene. 

The enterprise provides solar energy products to rural low-income families by mapping the needs and demands of customers, educating customers through various marketing strategies, using a hub-and-spoke product distribution model, ensuring consumer trust through committed customer service and conducting follow ups with customers to evaluate product use, interest and future requirements. 

The solar energy lanterns, torches and home lighting systems are distributed through local entrepreneurs under the Saral Jeevan brand. FM especially focuses on after-sales services to ensure all solar solutions have lasting impacts.

  • Awareness raising campaigns throughout Rajasthan, launching solar home systems and street lights in every village of Rajasthan.
  • Launching FM's first own-manufactured solar product.
  • Expanding the product base to include solar products such as street lights, garden lights, water heaters, power packs and other solar appliance solutions, and implementing a range of technology solutions to track the enterprise’s sales at scale.
  • Obtaining additional funding to cover the scale costs.
  • Expanding the model into more states in India, and internationally by partnering with local entrepreneurs who are willing to adapt the model to respective rural communities abroad.


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