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Tia Nuru

Tia Nuru

This enterprise enables and empowers individuals through consultation, educational events and training in how to build sustainable living systems. This comprises cob building, compost toilets, grey-water re-use systems, and sustainable farming. In this way the enterprise reduces the environmental footprint of their customers while promoting new services to the local community and preserving local resources. 

Tia Nuru offers consultancy and training services in the area of green building and sustainable lifestyle in the city of Arusha, which is currently experiencing a property boom. To reach both low- and high-income groups, products and pricing are differentiated depending on the target group: homeowners, hotels and lodges, corporations, schools or NGOs. The enterprise offers products and training courses in cob building, compost toilets, grey-water reuse systems and sustainable farming. It reaches its clients via existing information networks and through its partners.

  • Develop a marketing plan to raise awareness about the availability of the enterprise’s services.
  • Collect client input for use in designing suitable consultancy, training and education programmes.
  • Acquire and develop the necessary human and physical resources to scale up the enterprise’s services, increasing the number of full time employees from four to five by Year Two, and to more than ten by Year Five.
  • Identify potential new clients and extend services to markets beyond Arusha, thereby boosting sales.


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