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Tambul Leaf Plates

Tambul Leaf Plates

Tambul Leaf Plates promotes production of areca nut leaf plates as a livelihood option amongst rural communities in Northeast India, providing training, technical, financial and marketing assistance to the rural producers to enable them to establish their areca nut leaf plate making enterprises. Tambul Leaf Plates provides 100% buy back guarantee to the rural producers and purchases the plates at a fair price. 

Tambul Leaf Plates produces and markets biodegradable disposable dinnerware through various community-owned micro-enterprises. Products are made from the fallen sheath of the areca nut palm, so the product is environmentally friendly and provides a viable alternative to highly polluting plastic and Styrofoam plates. The enterprise helps rural producers across villages in North-East India to establish micro-enterprises through capacity-building and technical, financial and marketing support. The plates are purchased from the rural produc

  • Increase the number of micro-enterprises in the region and provide support and training.
  • Partner with NGOs and government agencies to promote the enterprise in other regions.
  • Access more lucrative markets for the dinnerware.
  • Invest in R&D to improve technology and productivity.


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