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Sustaintech India Pvt. Ltd.

Sustaintech India Pvt. Ltd.

Sustaintech India Pvt. Ltd markets and distributes a line of environmentally friendly fuel-efficient commercial cook stoves designs for cooking, food processing and post-harvest processing. They are extending sustainable energy technologies to lower income communities, creating positive financial, environmental and healthy impacts, and promoting climate change adaptation. 

Sustaintech offers different types of wood-burning stoves tailored to the needs and cooking habits of small-scale commercial cooks in India. As the company’s PYRO stoves require 40 % less firewood than conventional models, and have chimneys, they save costs, help to protect the health of their users and improve productivity. Sustaintech has PYRO Distribution Centres in strategic locations. It markets stoves directly to customers and offers commissions to customers successfully promoting PYRO stoves to their peers. It also collaborates with financing institutions providing flexible loans.

  • Sell 10,000 efficient cookstoves to small commercial kitchens.
  • Open 6 additional PYRO Distribution Centres and enlarge their distribution networks through direct sales and customer referrals.
  • Train 40 people from 5 manufacturers in the production of the cookstove, and train 160 individuals to become salespeople.
  • Seek new partnerships with financing institutions so as to provide feasible and attractive financing options to potential customers, and also secure carbon credits, using the revenue to reduce the price of the cookstoves.


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