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Southeast Asia Renewable and Adaptive Energy (SEA-RAE)

Southeast Asia Renewable and Adaptive Energy (SEA-RAE)

Southeast Asia Renewable and Adaptive Energy (SEA-RAE) is a consortium of academic and business partners with the common goal of providing sustainable energy services to rural areas, particularly through photovoltaic arrays and hydroenergy harvesters. They source labour locally and educate community members about operations and maintenance, thus creating resilient technical installations. 

SEA-RAE develops, installs and maintains small-scale renewable energy solutions tailored to the social, envronmental and economic needs of developing communties. Its innovation lies in combining green technological solutions with affordable financing plans that encourage community ownership. Initially designed for energy-poor communities in the Mekong Delta, the enterprise’s energy technologies are also suitable for application in other areas of Vietnam and across the whole of Southeast Asia.

  • Step up community energy-use audits and resource availability analyses to identify improvement potential.
  • Provide additional training to community members on the upkeep and maintenance of their energy systems and enhance the network of local partners.
  • Improve financial planning – check consumer payment systems and fi nd additional investors for further funding.
  • Achieve full implementation of the systems at the concept site on Pho Ba Island by autumn 2014.


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